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Customized Consulting Services


Where to start? Schedule an initial consultation

In this get-acquainted meeting you’ll walk away with a better understand of the college admission process, your admission profile, and with some concrete suggestions to get you started.

90 minute meeting with student and parents

  • Review high school transcript, testing, summer experiences, and activities
  • Interview student and parents to assess goals, interests and concerns about college admission and financial aid
  • Assessment of student’s college admission profile and suggestions of things to do to enhance that profile
  • General information about the college admission and financial aid landscape

After that? You decide which level of consultation best meets your needs

Comprehensive Package

Comprehensive consulting customized to meet the needs of the client that includes:

  • Track It! step-by-step college planning curriculum
  • Review of transcript and academic planning
  • Personality and career inventories and surveys
  • Exploration and discussion of academic and career interest areas
  • List of recommended good-fit colleges/universities
  • Testing recommendations and timeline
  • Review of and recommendations for extracurricular activities
  • Guidance with college visit planning
  • Preparation for college interviews
  • Guidance and support through the application process
  • Help organizing college applications
  • Brainstorming, discussion and review of essays
  • Development of extracurricular activities resume
  • Review of application materials prior to submission
  • Tips and insight into college admission, financial aid, and scholarships
  • College Cost Profile and Strategy using College Cost Navigator
  • Guidance to parents on how best to support the college application process
  • Help sorting through admissions offers and making the final enrollment decision
  • Transition to college discussion
  • Custom College Planning Student Portal account with 24-7 access to comprehensive communication, information, planning, and organization
  • Up to 20 hours of in-person or Skype consulting with unlimited support via email and text and phone

Early Start Package

For students prior to Grade 11 eager to begin planning toward college:

  • Academic review and planning
  • Summer planning
  • Testing strategy
  • Extracurricular planning
  • Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences assessments to identify strengths and areas for growth
  • College cost profile and strategy using College Cost Navigator
  • Track It! step-by-step college planning curriculum
  • Custom College Planning Student Portal account with 24-7 access to comprehensive communication, information, planning, and organization

Hourly Consultation

For families seeking more limited or targeted consultation

Group Sessions

For students and parents who want to understand more about the college admission process, how applications are reviewed, how financial aid is awarded, and what students can do to distinguish themselves for college admission success.

  • You organize a parent or student group and I run an information-rich two hour meeting

Schedule an Appointment

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