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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a college consultant?

As a college consultant, I provide a highly individualized service for students and parents as they make plans for college.  It's like having a personal college admission coach.  I get to know you, I identify good college matches for you, I provide you with insight into and tips about the college admission process, and I teach you how to put together a strong application for admission.  I am an expert in college admissions and I am available to you evenings and weekends and in the summer – the times you will need help with this complex process – not just during school hours during the school year.

Why hire a college consultant?

Let's face it – college admission has become very complex and the cost of college is daunting.  As your college consultant I can help you figure out what colleges are looking for; help you make wise academic and extracurricular choices in high school; identify colleges and universities that meet your priorities, including those that may offer scholarships; provide you with a timeline and keep you on track with your applications so that you do not miss deadlines; and help you put together a strong application.

Do you only work with "A" students?

No!  I've have years of experience working with all kinds of students: top students and those with more modest grades; good testers and those who do not fare well on standardized tests; very directed students and those who have no idea what they will study in college; students with special talents and those who are still figuring out who they are.

Do you have any experience working with students with learning disabilities and ADHD?

Yes!  In fact, I have worked with many students who present learning issues and challenges.  I can help you identify colleges and universities that will meet your needs.

When should I begin working with a consultant?

Ideally, we should start meeting while you are in Grade 9 or Grade 10.  That helps you better understand what you need to do early on and gives you a framework for understanding the college admission process.  Grade 11 is when the college search begins in earnest, so I can be very helpful at this stage.  Some students wait until Grade 12 to seek help with their applications, but this is a very late start and creates more work for you. I highly recommend starting to work with me prior to the senior year.

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